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"The BOSS" shown here at the Scott Tournament of Hearts, Brandon, Manitoba (2002).

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Grooming The Ice

    "The BOSS"

Icemaster Mfg. manufactures a 24 volt DC-Hydrostatic scraper which is one of two and second to none in the world. After two years of development our scraper has earned the title "The BOSS".

Our run time is considerably longer than our competition, enabling us to handle more sheets with eaze. Serviceability was part of our design as all components are easily accessible. The blade is lifted and swung by 24 volt linear actuators, all controlled with the push of a button from the rear of the machine. Our universal blade mount fit all competitor machines.

Our zero-lash blade adjustment makes precision clipping a breeze. Charging is managed by a three-stage system which insures long battery life and at 10 amps per battery, you're back at work in no time. Chargers are compatible with European 50 Hertz current and also carry an extended warranty for a full two years.

After hundreds of hours of testing, "The BOSS" made it's debut at the provincial 2002 Scott Tournament of Hearts, next the Safeway Select, and the National Scott Tournament of Hearts. Not bad for our first year! Watch for "The BOSS" at all major events across Canada, USA and around the world.

	mage at 2002 Safeway Select

    De-Ionized Pebble Water Heater

    Shown here is our six gallon heating unit with mixer valving installed. Plugs into regular 110 volt outlet(requires 15 amp curcuit). Thermostatically adjustable up to 150 degrees F. Tank is glass lined and we install our own heating element compatible with de-ionized water. Unit comes with in tank temperture guage, pressure relief valve and is "UL" certified.
Pebble Water Heater


    Our Mini Burner is great for cleaning around the hacks or in any area that attracts dirt. Particularly useful if you have plastic dividers (no open flame). It has a 45,000 BTU burner with stainless steel heat deflector which can be turned upward when transporting from end to end or sheet to sheet. The four castor system provides excelent mobility. A 20 lb propane tank is included.
Mini Burner

    Pebblerheads and extensions

    Pebble Heads are available in course, medium, fine, extra fine and combinations. Extension available in 6" and 10" lengths.
Pebbling Accessories

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